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What is the SXEFIT Method?

Here’s one of my clients take on the sxefit method and what you will go through feel like and become

As a woman, I go through phases! And by phases, I basically mean from one extreme to the other. I can be confident and bubbly to quiet and subdued. One minute I’m super organised, the next minute I forgot to buy bog roll and my family of 7 are on the last baby wipe. I have the odd few days out of the year where I feel like i’m skinny enough to join Kate Moss on a Yacht in the Med, but then most of the year I feel a little more on the cuddly side. One week I may kick ass at work, come home do the kids homework and have tea on the table! But just a short couple of weeks later, I’m 536 emails down at work, I can’t understand why Alfies homework questions, if Henry has 10 biscuits and shares them equally between 4 other friends then how many will they each have? Who the hell shares biscuits??? And if you want tea served to you on a table I would suggest having an affair with Aunt god damn Bessie.

If this sounds a little familiar to you, I actually believe there is a cure for this crazy split personality behaviour, tried and tested by yours truley, THE SXEFIT METHOD. From the above highs and lows I have pointed out, there is a link! I actually thought that having ‘off’ days was just part of life but since my journey with Tiffany, I have been taught how to fuel my body for purpose and not to eat the chocolate cake just because it tastes good…..and is pleasing for a whole 5 minutes (technically 1 minute….a piece of chocolate cake would of never of lasted that long infront of me before) I have learnt from Tiffany that when we use food for it’s true purpose, You can reach for the stars. I found on the SXEfit diet that when I eat healthy and exercise, I’m confident and bubbly, as opposed to quiet and subdued … usually after eating myself into oblivion at an all you can eat restaurant and sending them into bankruptcy. I’m also more organised. The diet provides your body with fuel that not only gives your body energy but in turn gives your brain energy from the workouts. No more shouting from the bathroom ‘Who’s used the last baby wipe!!!!!!’ I also don’t want to sit feeling sorry for myself about how ‘cuddly’ I feel, I want to get to a the next gym class, go for a night out, wear something nice, even Kate Moss can kiss my ass….. I’ve got the SXEfit girlies! Basically, when I eat healthy, my emails are scheduled for the following week, Henry’s mother should be ashamed of giving him so many biscuits and I would wipe the floor with Aunt Bessie in the kitchen. All this from two things DIET and EXERCISE

If I start from the beginning, ‘Coffee’ was the first thought that popped into my head every morning, I mean EVERY morning. However one particular morning was slightly different. When I woke, I knew I was going to change this habit and this way of thinking. I was going to reprogramme myself into a different way of thinking when it comes to food, energy, body fuel, feeding, eating …. whatever you want to call it. This was a regular occurance for me. By regular, what I mean is that it had been this way for the last 3 months, I was doing the night shifts of breastfeeding our latest addition to the family, the only difference was either a 1am, 2am or 3am wake up when it comes to spicing up the variety. The usual case after this was, Hunter being breastfed every 60-90 minutes through the rest of the night. To cut a long story short, coffee became my best friend (at least I thought so) Throughout the rest of the day eating was no longer something that I saw as a necessity as such. It was more of a chore. Even the thought of having to make the decision of what to eat became a hindrance. But coffee! What’s so hard about grabbing a coffee? whether from the kettle at home, at work, friends or a cafe, like a little cup of magic when I could feel myself falling into the state of ‘lets just browse the internet for 2 minutes’ (which in reality turns into 2 hours later, a new outfit for a not yet planned event, signing yourself upto some bulls**t newsletter because you wanted to get into a website to read only 1 of their articles, thus resulting in spam upto the eyeballs of your inbox and a friend request from ‘Marcus’ who claims to know your cousin Trish, only you don’t have a cousin Trish and Marcus looks like He’s selling dodgy Calvin Kleins on his profile pic… but that could just be my experience of the world wide web) Instead coffee gave me the willpower to ‘crack on’ But it turns out the energy was short lived and it came at a price. I would end up sluggish and before I knew it a full day would pass me by until I would decide on a ‘junk’ or ‘easy’ meal to eat in the evening.

After meeting with Tiffany that morning of pining for coffee, I was taught a different way of fuelling myself. I no longer look at food as a chore or on the other end of the spectrum, a treat…. It’s a necessity. When you decide to take the plunge and choose the SXEFIT method for your lifestyle, Tiffany, in exchange for your honesty with regards to your eating habits, will tell you how your body is taking the food you are eating, and using it. With help from Tiffany I was able to optimise my food intake to benefit my everyday life. Take a look at how I felt affected through weeks 1-6 (many more to come)






WEEK 1 – The Struggle

This week was hard for me….. not because I was craving food I couldn’t have, but quite the opposite. I needed to start eating breakfast and having a nutritious snack before tucking into a healthy dinner…. only my head was screaming for only coffee. I felt as though it was spoon feeding me what I didn’t want yet somehow oddly, getting me through the week full of children and workouts. As a parent or someone who works you generally tend to go for the easy options, So I really had to pull my finger out to keep in the zone, and by this I mean planning my meals and thinking ahead. Not only did I have to remember loo roll but I wanted to make my meals interesting so I didn’t fall the first week. All it would of taken usually is one forgotten ingredient and I may have accidentally tripped and fallen into subway for a footlong (sandwich of course).

WEEK 2 – Embracement

I found week 2 somewhat refreshing. I say this because it seemed to rekindle my love of cooking, it never went away, I just ‘thought’ I hadn’t the time to cook (I was wrong) I felt at home in the kitchen as I bored the other half to death with google search upon google search of healthy recipes and looking at ways to further educate me on cooking methods….. oh and I bought a smoothie maker (you can imagine the novelty of that right?)

WEEK 3 – Bodytalks

This was the first time in a long time that I had actually felt real hunger! And the first time I realised Tiffany speaks the truth. I had done a morning workout and missed my mid morning snack. I felt weak, sick and dizzy all at the same time while experiencing stomach cramps that made me think my stomach could be eating itself. Don’t get me wrong I have had this feeling before, but so so long ago. This week really taught me the difference between cravings and hunger. Some of you will be thinking ‘I can tell the difference between cravings and hunger’ but can you really? I didn’t desire any particular food, I couldn’t stomach the thought of anything that wasn’t fresh or that was too doughy. I would feel ill even considering any form of takeout, so this week I really felt like I was more in tune with my body and I knew exactly what it needed.

WEEK 4 – Realisation

Week 4 really was the week for me that I felt the method kick in. Personally I felt my body shape was changing and not only that but the energy I had was tenfold of that of a caffeine induced frenzy. I found myself swimming through house work, night feeds, dropping kids everywhere and working out. When I lived on the caffeine, I wasn’t really doing my body any favours just giving it a couple of hours of false energy!

WEEK 5 – Size 12!

Size 12!!! All I have to say about this week….I am usually a size 14-16. That is all.

WEEK 6 – Results!……

WEIGHT: 77kg





And now for my huge epiphany on life, the nitty gritty, my actual realisations. If you are like me, an everyday woman who always wants results yesterday please take note. Do you try a new fad diet one week, lose 10lbs in two weeks and pile it back on in a week? Sound familiar? Or maybe you’re a little like me in the fact that you know you need to change your lifestyle, but taking that leap just sends you weak at the knee’s and you end up ordering Tikka Masala with Garlic nan and decide you will alter your cupboards the next time you do your ‘big’ shop….only by the time your ‘big’ shop comes round you have forgotten all this and go crazy on the freshly baked goods (hand held high) just STOP! On this journey I’ve come to realise some EXTREMELY IMPORTANT things about getting to where we want to be ladies…..

  1. Tomorrow never comes. If you know you are going to do it anyway, why Monday? So what you just had a sneaky galaxy, make it your last, even if it’s midday and your booked into some nice restaurant tonight, that doesn’t mean you can’t start now. Go fill a bottle of water and remind yourself restaurants have options.
  2. Just because you trip up, it’s not over. If a bar of chocolate managed to force feed you itself, get over it. Move on, accept it was wrong and be open. Do not on the other hand decide you have ruined a whole week’s worth of dieting and decide it’s over by going and eating the whole contents of Thorntons chocolates when you get home.
  3. Go have a brain scan. I say this light heartedly, but seriously, who the hell do we think we are wanting to lose half a stone in a week, gain a six pack in 3 months and look like something from the cover of women’s health magazine in 6 months? As women we can really become delusional….. Ok maybe not you, but me, yes!!! Unless you’re using laxatives, contouring a six pack onto your stomach and using some kick ass filter, we need to realise its going to take a way lot longer than we want. Let’s stop going for the easy option ‘fads’ and realise what really is entailed ……HARD WORK. Tiffany keeps telling me to go hard or go home…. and now I know why. To consider we can just sculpt a body like hers in a few months is probably a little insulting to be fair…. Let’s not underestimate how hard someone has had to work to get to where they are.
  4. Don’t try to overcompensate in the kitchen. I’ve been told time and time again on this journey “No one has been given the right to eat gourmet” At first I just related this to how I used to eat…. Homemade chips, garlic butter mushrooms, roasts…. anyway enough of the past! But applying it to the new SXEfit lifestyle will not put you far wrong. I’ll explain by telling you that when I first started the diet, around my second week I started a love affair with cooking. Cooking with lots of healthy food etc, however by week 5, I had started back at work full time and didn’t have as much time to make these meals, I panicked at the thought of not knowing what I could have to eat. What I needed to realise was that, I didn’t have to cook like that day in day out. If I didn’t have time to make a smoothie, fancy flavour porridge or some exotic salad…. then that’s ok!!! grab an apple and buy a prepared salad if you have to.
  5. No excuses. Without wanting to sound patronising, condescending or a bit up my own (skinnier) backside, I will say this plain and simply. If you make excuses or let excuses get in the way, then put simply, you just don’t want it enough yet. Now before you glare at the screen you’re reading this from, dont get ate up in a mad frenzy of ‘who does she think she is telling me I don’t want it enough?’ I am exactly that person over and over again who has let excuses get in the way. ‘I’m too busy’ ‘I’m too tied to the kids’ ‘I haven’t got time’ etc. And I’m still on this journey! I’ve slipped up massively in the past and given up. Decided to ‘start again’ But with the help I get from Tiffany and the whole community at SXEfit, it’s so easy to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and not to try again but to KEEP GOING.

If you are wanting to achieve anything in life, not just the body, but the confidence, wellbeing and self love, then I hope this has given you a bit of insight as to what I found is entailed. Who knew?….. Galaxy was never my best friend all along!