Award Winning Personal Trainer

Train with me Award winning Personal Trainer

20 years in the making and I’ve inspired many to be like me and try to do my methods of training

I started working in gyms in 1995 when men didn’t use C.V and women didn’t use weights. There’s nothing I’ve not seen and witnessed. I’ve watched gyms evolve and more 

I became a personal trainer in 2004 and have been changing lives since 2005.   I’m renowned for helping people to become motivated, confident and coached many friends and family into better shape and health  

My body is a true representation of my methods and what they can do

I have taken every experience, research and needs of my clients, including mine and applied it with a method that is formulated to give women the best bodies, tone, strength, fitness, flexibility and mental health of their lives.

I don’t believe in using machines or huge weights. We are the machine and we will learn how to use it properly. Injury, illness and pain free.

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This is how I do it:


  • With one training session a week, our main focus is to give you balance around your lifestyle, health, confidence and fitness.
  • Bad habits won’t go away overnight, so every week during your fitness session, we’ll go over a food diary and work together on finding solutions to putting any bad habits right.
  • We’ll establish how we can incorporate more activity into your life, then we’ll train the SXE FIT way, getting you ready and motivated for the week ahead!!!!
  • I will provide as much support and encouragement as you need to ensure that you achieve your goals and targets. In return, all I ask is that you give me 100% effort in all of your training sessions and to your training programme.
Tiffany Sxefit personal trainer,

I can provide my Nutrition Mission Plan for you your family or your children and anyone struggling with their weight, obesity, diabetes and more

I am able to physically improve the appearance of your body improve your Health and your mind set in just 6 sessions with Nutrition mission !

Partners in fitness!

Booking a Personal Trainer can be done in pairs in or in a GROUP, so if you and a friend, or friends, have a goal and have decided to take steps to a fitter, sexier, healthier you, that’s no problem. I always say “To become a SxeFit Machine, we work best as a TEAM”!!

In 6 weeks you will learn how to eat healthier and learn how to help each other train; I’ll even teach you fun exercises you can do together!!!

Teamwork is a great motivator and you will see the inches falling off with extra support from each other.

80% of how we look is down to what we EAT!!!

Personal training for children 

I also can personal train your child or children there’s no age limit for children to exercise but there’s an age limit on what they can use NO CHILD should be using weights before their bodies and muscles have fully developed

You can do it in pairs which is another great way to gain a bond back with your child  

It’s a great way to educate your children into consistency and routine before its too late and I’m sure you will all agree we all want the true best for them 

Price: £20 per person  for one hour PT Session 

£30 per child if more than 1 £20 PT Session 
Class duration: One hour

What to wear: Leggings or shorts with a comfortable T-Shirt or vest and something warm to put on after exercising. On your feet, please wear sports trainers. Please have something to eat around an hour before your Personal Training session.
Class Times: Times available from 9am-13.00pm Monday Wednesday and Fridays and from 17:00am-21:00pm each day for 1-1 Personal Training

I GUARANTEE you’ll lose 8 inches in 6 weeks, with just 1 session each week and the Nutrition Mission DIET

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Revolutionary method that changes life’s not just bodies!


1 Pt over 6 weeks = £620
OFFER = £220 

2 Pts over 6 Weeks= £690
OFFER = £400 

3 Pts over 6 weeks= £960
OFFER = £540 

If you want to get your health and lifestyle right, then my SXE FIT Nutritional Plan is the way forward!

It’s changed so many of my ladies’ attitudes and education to food by using a few simple rules. It’s worked well for me too – for the first time in years I’ve been able to manage my weight and how I look.

I have a level 3 nutritional qualification, plus experience of an ex-partner being diagnosed with diabetes type 1. I’ve also worked as a volunteer with the diabetes centre in Pontefract, so my research and experience have enabled me to devise the SXEFIT Nutritional Plan, which regulates your blood sugar levels and maintains a healthy lifestyle. Contact Us to take the next step

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