I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone and anyone who has been to any of my Classes, Personal Training, Pole Dancing and anyone was has experienced the SXE FIT METHOD and of course to those who have taken the time to write absolutely wonderful things about my methods.
Without people like you I wouldn’t be where I am today so I am forever grateful and appreciate your loyalty

To be a SXE FIT Machine we need to work as a TEAM xxxxx


This is what some of our sxefit machines have to say.

I have experienced both pt and tiffs classes. The classes are great because Tiff is so motivating and time flies cos tiff has a super personality that really shines through! The pt is also great value and you really do achieve guarenteed results leaving u with an education for life. Highly reccommended X

Marie Read / Sxefit Client

The most fun exercise classes I have ever been too! Tiff is super motivating and helps boost your confidence so you believe you can do it!! She offers awesome personal training sessions to go through your own personal goals and making sure they are achievable 🙂 My favourite fitness machine by far!! xxx

Victoria / Honeypot Events

Pole classes at sxefit studios are so good! been to another one before, but i find this one better as you learn routines as well as building strength through moves. I’m also doing personal training, tiff is supportive and explains why you do everything you’re doing so you get a better understanding, and confidence it what you’re doing. so glad i started going, honestly couldnt recommend enough! 🙂

Kirsty / Sxefit Client

Tiffany, I love your Classes, the best i’ve ever done and it works, you really push us and that’s what makes the difference, you make it enjoyable with your own style and great music, you have that feel good factor about you and love coming to SXE LBT and SXE Aerobics. Don’t know what i’d do without you now!!!! Thank you, your ace.

Angela / Sxefit Client

Best form of exercise I’ve ever done, the feel good factor and the confidence it as given me is truly amazing. It is increasing my fitness and body shape. I would highly recommend it.

Kate Lovell / Sxefit Client

Been doing tiffanys sxxy aerobics for a while now and love it!Its fun but you get a proper workout and great results.Im also doing tiffs sxe diet and lost inches,feel great and never hungry!Both must be tried. Just want to say big THANK YOU to tiffany your a star and always there to help xxxxx

Lisa / Sxefit Client

Hey Ladies. I have been visiting Tiff for about 8 weeks now and absolutely love being put through my paces by her. She is an amazing personal trainer and helped me lose 7 and half inches in 6 weeks. Bearing in mind that i have done hardly any exercise in the last 4 years due to getting over illness. She is an inspiration to all ladies out there who needs an extra boost in confidence and has retrained how i think of food. I am eating more now with the fantastic food plant that Tiff provides than i was before and still getting fitter and more toned with every week that goes by. Looking forward to feeling the burn this Sunday. If you are in two minds, do it – she will change your life forever and definitely for the best!!!!

Nicola Chadwick / Sxefit Client

Been seeing Tiff for 6 weeks now, on a personal training basis, and have lost 11 inches, which i am so pleased about. She has been brilliant, really motivating, and is there to give advice when its needed. Her methods really do work. I have been overweight for years, and this is the first time i have actually lost weight and felt like i wasn’t depriving myself.
It really is as simple as eating lots of healthy food (not starving myself), and moving my ass, but Tiff instills this into you, and makes you believe you can do it. Would recommend Tiff all day long, give her a try, she may just change your life!

Michelle Fisher / Sxefit Client

I would of never thought possible that I at just over 6ft and legs like bambi could flip myself on a pole, but after 10 month of dedication i finally did it.
This is thanks to the amazing tiff, who totally believes that you will get there and is always pushing you forward to do more.
I always found it hard to attend a class every week before i started at sxe due to shift work, but tiff makes it possible by putting on different times/days of all her classes.
Thankyou so much tiff.
Maree xxx

Marie / Sxefit Client

I have been going to SXE Pole for 10 months now, I love it!
After having a baby and quitting smoking I had really put on weight. I didn’t feel like myself and lacked self confidence.
Tiffany is an amazing woman. Her classes are great fun and do wonders for rebuilding body confidence and toning your figure. She is a lively, bubbly person and she has the ability to really push you on to achieve things you never thought possible and make you feel good about yourself.
Women of all shapes, sizes and ages go to the classes and everybody is very friendly. I have met some lovely people.
If you are feeling nervous about going to a class, don#t be! Everyone has been there, the room is very dimly lit like a night club and she plays loud music!
I am the kind of person that couldn’t even do a handstand at school and now I can hang upside down on a pole!
Thanks Tiff xx

Laura Rishworth / Sxefit Client

Tiff is amazing she nos exactly what she’s on about when it comes to diet and fitness. iv lost so many inches since attending sxe class’s an pole dancing, iv toned up loads an I feel great! My confiedence was shocking till I met tiff an now I actually like myself for the first time in years! What an amazing women, if tiffs class’s were brought out as a fitness video am sure it would be a best seller xxx

Kaylea / Sxefit Client

I’ve been doing a combination of the personal training that Tiff offers along with pole classes and I absolutely love it. I’m regaining confidence I didn’t know I would ever have along with improving my fitness levels and flexibility. After doing 6 weeks of Tiff’s training and diet I lost a total of 20 inches across my body which was just amazing. I also love the pole classes and cannot get over how quickly you can improve thanks to Tiff’s teaching. Thanks Tiff for all your support and advice xx

Gemma Stubbs / Sxefit Client