Welcome to the Sxefit Online Membership page where you can now have the opportunity to benefit using my methods of training in the comfort of your own home!


*improve your confidence *improve your health

*Improve your fitness *improve your self esteem

* Gain motivation *lose weight

*tone your body *stable your mind

*No stress *No pressure

*cost effective * no equipment needed 


Why Join The Sxefit Online Membership

This is where my fitness journey very first started, in my front room!

From the age of maybe 6 when my mum would start the new diet craze along came a complimentary video my mum would do the video maybe a handful of times and I would find myself doing them all the time. I loved to workout, Cindy Crawford Jane fonder Rosemary Connelly me and them in the front room busting a move!

So do not think you can’t achieve in your own home what can in a gym look at me !

It’s a great way to find your confidence get your technique right and get your fitness going 

If your really wanting to achieve the best body and health of your life, a more stable mind and a balanced soul then this method is not only known for changing bodies but is known to help change lives’ and with one class at a time, I’m going to help change yours by giving you the opportunity to join the sxefit membership 

And all in the comfort of your own home, so no more anxiety, no more pressure to fit in, no more fear!

All you need is some comfortable clothing space to move and you can start your journey to becoming the better version of YOU


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