Pole fitness clothing from Sxefit, The UK’s leading brand in pole fitness

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Our Pole Fitness Clothing is designed specifically for pole dancing and aerial skills.  The SxeFit Brand was created in the United Kingdom and so are our products.  We have dedicated time and effort into making sure our pole fitness clothing is durable, practical and stylish.  We ship primarily to the UK but if you need international shipping then, please Contact Us

If you are unhappy with any of our pole fitness clothing then you can return the items.  This does not affect your statutory rights and you will be given a full refund provided the items are not damaged.

The Sxefit pole is our own design and fully portable.  Made with high-quality engineering and materials to provide a professional feeling dance pole at a reasonable price.  If you live in the Yorkshire area then take a look at our pole fitness studio classes.  We are an award-winning pole fitness studio specializing in weight loss and pole fitness skills.  We also offer aerial hoop classes and aerial silk classes.  You can also take advantage of our award-winning personal training service.  Contact us or visit our Facebook page for more info.

pole fitness clothing, Sxefit studio shorts, hot shorts, Gym wear, Sxefit Gear
pole fitness clothing, Gym wear, Sxefit Gear