Sxefit Flexibilty Classes


Price: £5.00 Per Class

Class Duration: 1 Hour

What to Wear: Any suitable gym wear you feel comfortable in. I want you to have fun doing Sxe Fit Flex and you can’t if your worrying about your clothing. Leggings, gym shorts, vest tops, sports bra’s are all appropriate wear for the class. Trainers are strongly suggested on your feet.

Have you ever wanted to be more flexible?

To the point where you can do the splits, touch your toes even lift your leg to your head? Well, this is the exact kind of intense stretch you need Sxe fit flexibility class!

Using breathing techniques and gradual stretching you will learn the true importance of being flexible – one of the secrets of staying supple and young.

Flexible muscles are great for optimising other workouts as well, making them more efficient and safe. Get deeper in your squats, improve your balance and many more benefits to incorporate in to your regular work outs.

Why would you waste your time on a treadmill when you could be enjoying your exercise?Contact us through this website today to talk about getting SxeFit with our award winning Women’s fitness classes.You can also see more about us on our Facebook pagContact Us

Flexibility Baby!

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