SXE Fit Hardcore

Price: £5.00

Class Duration: 1 Hour

What to Wear: Any suitable gym wear you feel comfortable in. I want you to have fun doing Sxe Fit Warrior and you can’t if your worrying about your clothing. Leggings, gym shorts, vest tops, sports bra’s are all appropriate wear for the class. Trainers are strongly suggested on your feet.

Two words: TIGHT ABS!! Within just six weeks, you’ll see a total change. I promise you! 

This class will give you the best-shaped stomach you have ever dreamed of.  A whole hour is spent working the abdominals through exercises that focus on the different muscles within your core. So in 6 weeks you will notice, and feel, the difference. While Hardcore will focus on your abs, other muscles will also be worked to help support the core.

You’ll also become more educated on all the muscles inside your core and get a true understanding and respect for one of the most important parts of your body.