Price: £5 per class

Class Duration: 1 Hour

What to Wear: Any suitable gym wear you feel comfortable in. I want you to have fun doing Sxe Fit Warrior and you can’t if your worrying about your clothing. Leggings, gym shorts, vest tops, sports bra’s are  appropriate wear for the class. Trainers are strongly suggested on your feet.

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These Kettlebells are bad boys! If you want your ultimate SXE body and to say goodbye to unwanted flab, then Kettlebells will help you to do just that.

They activate your stabilising muscles, and gives you a serious cardio workout, so you will feel and work muscles you never thought you had! Join our KettleHell class and start noticing the difference, working with a weight you are comfortable with to develop that tone and definition.

Don not be put off by the name Kettlehell, because in the end you will find yourself in body heaven.

The use of Kettlebells will active several muscle groups at once, as well as the tendons and ligaments, giving your body a deep workout, which helps to speed up the fat burning process – clever exercise!