Membership Refunds

All memberships offered through Sxefit Studio’s Limited are purchased at a 6-month period. As part of the membership agreement, when purchased, the customer is committing to the 6-month contract which does not offer a refund should the customer decide that they no longer require the membership.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that they have read and are aware of this cancellation policy before purchasing any membership package.

Each membership package will continue to be in place until the date the package ends. Note that the date the policy ends will be exactly 6 months from the date of purchase. This is to prevent financial loss to the company and is a decision made at the discretion of Sxefit Studio’s Limited due to the value for money provided through the 6-month packages.

Cancellation of Classes

In the event of a customer requiring cancellation of their class a full 24-hour notice period must be provided. All classes booked with Sxefit Studio’s Limited require the minimum of 24-hour notice for cancellations. If the customer fails to provide the required notice period for the cancellation, then payment will continue to be taken, and/or action will be taken to retrieve payment. Again, this is at the discretion of Sxefit Studio’s Limited and is with the intention of financial protection of the business.

If payment has already been taken and the customer provides the stipulated notice period for cancellation, then a full refund of the payment will be made to the same account the payment was received from.

30- Day Account Suspension

In the event of the customer falling unwell or suffering from injury resulting in them being unable to attend or engage in Sxefit classes, a 30-day freeze can be placed on the account. This means that payments will be suspended for a 30- day period.

For customers to be eligible for the 30- day account freeze they must provide a copy of their GP sick note or hospital notes stating that they are unable to engage in exercise due to their ill health. We also request that the customer, where possible, attends the studio face-to-face to provide this evidence and for confirmation of the 30-day hold, stipulating the grounds and details, to be provided.

An inability to provide this evidence will prevent the 30-day freeze from being applied. Please note that it is the company’s discretion as to whether this 30-day account freeze is extended in circumstances where there is prolonged injury.

Termination of Membership or Classes

Sxefit Studio’s Limited operates on a no tolerance policy for bullying, harassment, violence, and aggressive behaviour. Should a customer behave in this manner then the company reserves the right to terminate membership and/or any pre-booked classes for the individual. A letter providing written confirmation of this will be provided to the customer, identifying the reasons for the termination and/or cancellation.

Please note that this does not entitle the customer to a refund of any payments already received. Any refunds requested under this section of the policy will be reviewed and assessed by the CEO of Sxefit Studio’s Limited and will be subjected to her discretion.

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