SXE Fit Resistance

Build up your weight resistance work out with this gentle but powerful resistant band fitness class.

Price: £5.00

Class Duration: 1 Hour

What to Wear: Any suitable gym wear you feel comfortable in. We want you to have fun doing SxeFit Resistance and you can’t if your worrying about your clothing. Leggings, gym shorts, vest tops, sports bra’s are all appropriate wear for the class. Trainers are strongly suggested on your feet.

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This is a fun and functional class incorporating the use of the bands for ultimate body sculpting. Working all areas of your body you will discover ways to use the bands to work the different body groups, and exercises that can be replicated at home in your spare time.

Work your way up through the levels of resistance as you tone and develop your muscles. A perfect exercise for those new to resistance training, who want to improve their strength and gently tone muscle.

The bands can be used in conjunction with a number of workouts to improve their impact, including HIIT workouts and Aerobics. Why would you waste your time on a treadmill when you could be enjoying your exercise? Contact us through this website today to talk about getting SxeFit with our award winning Women’s fitness classes. You can also see more about us on our Facebook page