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Welcome to the Sxefit Shop

Where you can find everything from the Sxefitinsix Diet – online coaching – Sxefit training programs – Poles – Pole accessories and of course the Sxefit exclusive Apparel

Here at the sxefit shop you’ll find everything you need to becoming a sxefit machine ~ Having extensive experience in the health fitness and dance industry I wanted to give my clients the best of my experience what works and what is that of the best quality with a quality price tag

Having worked in the high end dancing clubs to the high end gyms to the  high end retail industries you could say I know my stuff so if there’s anything I do know is that of the best and how to provide you with it…..

From a young age I’ve always had a dream of having my own business my own clothing range and my own fan base 

So as soon as I’d built the studio I started to invest in moulding my methods creating my brand educating and spreading the sxefit love that too included finding the right sxefit apparel There’s a hell of a lot of competitors so standing out in the crowd is something you have to had researched and be passionate about.

My training packages are that of great value for those that don’t have the time to visit a gym 

The sxefitinsix is the best diet in the world and you will learn how to have a balance and finally the answer you’ve been looking for

All my garments are of high standards the best quality and last for years and I’m not been funny but you will look SICK in my Sxefit apparel

From squat proof Leggings to tiny hot pants I’ve come up with the perfect outfit for working out Pole dancing and aerial!

My Chalk is the best out there nothing will beat it and you will always stick to the poles 





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