Welcome to the Sxefit Timetable page here you will find all the times of all the sxefit classes and available slots 

Personal Training: Available slots for your Sxefitinsix journey and more train with the best elite Personal Trainer Wets Yorkshire has to offer Contact Us

Sxefit Mama’s : A brand new Class for us Mummy’s and a chance to bring along our babies whilst we  train together for a cheeky hour not only will this give you handy tips and exercises but a great group to meet new mummy’s too Contact Us

Sxefit Minis: It’s back starting originally in 2013 we bring back the popular Minis class so if you would like your child to learn new skills learn a new form of art and be inspired then you need to book on to the minis workshops Contact Us

All the other Sxefit classes and their descriptions can be found here Womens fitness Classes these classes have all been created by me and have been specially designed to create the perfect body soul and mind  


July 2020
Womens only fitness classes and pole fitness