SXE Fit Youth Hour

Here at SXEFIT we understand that your kids come first they are our future after all so I’ve put on a Youth hour to help your child with any disorders confidence issues and gain an understanding!

Having worked with women for many years, I’ve quickly identified that mums daily habits are reflected in our children, but I want to fix that problem! The education system does not teach our children how to look after what we have truly been blessed with

I offer a youth hour that runs from 5-6 pm I will give them classes from exercise Dance to Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoops and Pole Fitness even teach them how to eat

This is not your standard Youth hour!

Your kids will have unbelievable fun and education at SXEFIT, that is of the utmost importance to me they are the future.

As well as having fun we will teach them a whole host of dance skills that has lasting effects outside of the studio – Strength, stamina, dedication and most Importantly they will develop their self-confidence and understanding from a young age how to look after the one thing we have been blessed with.

SXEFIT youth hour is not only amazing classes for kids but it is also an amazing opportunity for your kids to exercise.

I believe that when your kids see you working out, you are being an amazing role model and setting them up for a bright future!

If you would like more information on this then please don’t hesitate to contact me